May 5, 2015

Price & Classifications

To date, Scio Diamond has received representations and warranties that white cultured diamond gemstones grown using the Diamond Technology have been sold at price points between 10-30% lower than published prices for comparable mined diamonds. These price points are consistent with customer surveys indicating that a 10-15% discount of near-colorless cultured diamonds (G-I) and a 25% discount of colorless cultured diamonds (D-F) would likely be necessary to match or exceed sales of equal quality mined diamonds. Scio Diamond anticipates it will eventually offer cultured diamonds at price parity, if not at a premium, to mined diamonds in some product categories. Scio Diamond anticipates that pink stones, when marketed, will sell at substantial discounts to comparable natural stones.

Diamond Classifications

Instead of the “4 C’s” used by diamond gem retailers, scientists often classify natural diamonds by the type and level of impurities found within them. There are four known types of natural diamond (Ia, Ib, IIa, IIb), classed according to the level of nitrogen in the crystal and certain other properties. Lab-produced diamonds can be categorized according to this same scheme.

Type Ia Diamond  

  • Most natural diamonds are Ia
  • Contain up to 0.3% nitrogen

Type Ib Diamond  

  • Rare in nature
  • Most lab-grown/industrial diamonds are Ib
  • Contain nitrogen at concentrations of up to 500 ppm

Type IIa Diamond  

  • Very rare in nature
  • Contain so little nitrogen that it is not easily detected by the usual IR or UV absorption methods
  • Some of the finest earth-mined diamond gems are type IIa, exhibiting extraordinary transparency and a unique brilliance and beauty
  • Scio’s CVD Diamond Technology produces rough diamonds of this class that are between 2 1⁄2 and 3 carats and has produced a rough crystal of 3.5 carats

Type IIb Diamond  

  • Extremely rare in nature
  • Very pure and contains boron which gives it semiconducting properties
  • Scio’s CVD Diamond Technology has produced seed wafers and diamond gemstones of this type


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