April 24, 2014

Officers / Directors


Michael W. McMahon is the Chief Executive Officer.  Mike has 35 years of executive experience in operations and business development of Fortune 100 companies such as Fluor and Jacobs. Throughout his career he has been responsible for over $19 billion of engineering, construction, startup and commissioning of facilities worldwide, primarily serving clients in the high tech industry, DOE and DOD.  He has compiled a record of personal achievement in project turnarounds, business development, process controls & improvements, startups, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions and profit improvement initiatives.  He recognizes issues vital to organizational success and then focuses his team on overcoming all obstacles to progress.  Mike’s management skills are complemented by a talent for translating creative thought into an actionable strategies, and by his ability to recognize, communicate, and keep his teams focused on the core issues at hand.

Jonathan M. Pfohl  is the Chief Financial Officer for the Company. Mr. Pfohl has more than 25 years of financial and management experience.  Before joining the Company, he served as CEO of Wireless Express LLC, one of Sprint’s largest independent distribution partners, from December 2009 to October 2013.  From June 2009 to December 2009, Mr. Pfohl was CFO of Main Street Broadband LLC.; CFO of Movida Cellular LLC, from April 2007 to March 2008; and Vice President with AirGate PCS, Inc., from 1999 to 2005.  Mr. Pfohl has a BS-Management and an MBA-Finance from the State University of New York at Buffalo.


Board of Directors

Edward S. Adams - Chairman of the Board – Ed co-founded Focus Capital Group, Inc., a former investment-banking firm Ed is the cofounder of a business consulting and financial advisory practice, which through acquisition and organic growth grew to $30 million in annual revenue. As an attorney, business advisor and consultant, Ed has billions of dollars of transactional experience. Ed has written and spoken on various corporate and commercial topics to over two hundred law firms, bar groups, and companies, and has served on numerous private and public company boards of directors.

Dr. Robert C. Linares is a co-founder of the Diamond Technology and will serve on the board of directors of Scio Diamond. Dr. Linares brings extensive and diverse experience in the field of crystal growth technologies. Dr. Linares holds a doctorate in chemical engineering as well as a master’s in business administration. He began his career at Bell Laboratories and Perkin Elmer, where in each case he was responsible for the development of single-crystal substrates necessary for specific technologies, including some of the first high-powered ruby and YAG lasers. Later, as head of a development team at M/A-COM (now part of Tyco Electronics), his work focused on the development of single crystal Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) as a viable semiconductor medium. He subsequently founded Spectrum Technology, Inc., which designed and built a very efficient manufacturing facility that within three years became the number one manufacturer of GaAs wafers in the U.S. (and number two in the world, second only to Sumitomo in Japan). Following the sale of Spectrum to NERCO Advanced Materials (NYSE: NER), Dr. Linares began fundamental research into a number of advanced semiconductor materials, especially diamond, that would allow electronics and optics technology to move beyond the limitations of silicon based devices.

Theodorus Strous brings over 20 years of diamond industry experience at the highest levels to Scio Diamond.

Theo was a Managing Director and a member of the Executive Committee of the Antwerp Diamond Bank until 2010. He was responsible for many aspects of ADB, including strategy and management of the home market, international division, and product development for the bank.

Prior to the ADB, Theo ran a diamond industry consultancy. As an executive with ABN Amro and ABN Amro Bank in the Antwerp Diamond Center, he held numerous management positions from 1988 to 1997. From 1985 to 1988, Theo was employed by ABN Amro Bank to help salvage and restructure the bank’s diamond credit portfolio, which was at the time one of the largest in the world. Through his two-plus decades in the diamond industry, Theo has gained an invaluable understanding of managing the various aspects of diamond company risks during periods of both prosperity and severe downturns.

A graduate of the Universite’ Libre de Bruxelles with a degree in economics, he also attended the Central State Jury in Brussels, Belgium. Theo began his banking career as a clerk with Generale Bank (Fortis today) and gained his first management experience at one of the investment and corporate branch offices.






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