April 26, 2015

Scio Diamond Gemstones

The Company will enter the diamond gemstone industry at an opportune time, as demand for mined diamonds is forecasted to outstrip supply and large, high quality diamond gemstones are becoming increasingly rare. Following the Asset Purchase, the Company will own and control a dedicated source of gemstone quality diamonds of increasingly varied and improved quality in larger sizes and quantities. The Diamond Technology has demonstrated production of single crystal diamond gemstones of colorless, near-colorless and fancy-colored varieties in finished stone generally ranging is sizes from .25 carats to over 2 carats in colors ranging from D (colorless) to fancy colors and clarities of IF (internally flawless) to SI (slightly included). As opposed to a traditional diamond company that is subject to the vagaries of mining, the Diamond Technology is capable of providing a regular and consistent supply of gemstone quality cultured diamond gemstones. The Company anticipates it will offer colorless and near-colorless (collectively “white”) cultured diamonds of D-H color and IF-SI clarities as well as fancy-color diamonds, including high-quality pink, cognac and blue cultured diamonds. The white cultured diamond the Diamond Technology produces largely fall in the “fine” (or highest) category of polished stones. As the Diamond Technology continues to progress, we anticipate that we will attain recurrent and renewable production of large, high quality diamond pieces in rough sizes that will regularly yield finished stones exceeding one carat.


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