April 28, 2015

Supply and Demand

Traditional earth mining for diamond, from exploration for a diamond source through extraction of the gemstones from the mine, is both costly and relatively inefficient. Gemstone quality diamonds are exceedingly rare in nature.

  • Approximately one percent (1%) of all Kimberlitic rock pipes possess diamond gemstones in economically viable quantities.
  • Moreover, of the nearly 163 million carats of diamond mined each year, approximately twenty (20%) percent are gemstone quality.
  • Among those earth-bound diamonds that are gemstone material, there exists a vast disparity in the quality and characteristics.
  • Indeed, there are some 16,000 classifications of gemstone diamonds presently.

Finally, as existing mines are depleted and the chances of discovering new, significant mines become increasingly bleak, the global supply of diamonds is expected to remain flat before ultimately declining over the coming years and possibly extinguishing within twenty years. By contrast, CVD Diamond Technology permits continuous and replenishing yields of consistent, 100% gemstone-quality diamonds of varying colors and sizes. The CVD Diamond Technology process eliminates the need to locate natural diamond sources. Scio Diamond will be able to provide an economically viable solution to the growing market demand for large volumes of high quality diamond.


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