April 19, 2015

High-Voltage Power Switching

In July 2009, Scio Diamond’s materials were utilized to demonstrate the world’s first diamond electronic device demonstrating the expected cut in costs of renewable energy generation, including wind and solar power. The all solid-state diamond device creates the opportunity to switch voltages in excess of 15,000V enabling greater efficiency and as much as a fifty percent (50%) cost savings versus silicon-based power switches.

Silicon is presently the material most commonly used in modern power switching devices, but is only capable of handling up to 3,300V. As a result, silicon devices are less durable and require larger systems, greater cooling requirements and complex electromagnetic shielding.

The diamond diode has several applications, including smart grids, renewable power, and rail and marine traction drive systems and may prove vital to the energy independence efforts of the United States through efficient and economically viable alternative energy systems.


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