April 26, 2015

Water Treatment & Purification

Clean water is an increasingly important natural resource. Current mainstream water purification strategies and processes operate in areas of technology that are generally effective but represent older, mature technologies which have reached their peak operating efficiencies. In some cases these technologies have been utilized for more than 100 years and each relies on system scale as the main cost / benefit drivers. The current water purification and waste water treatment processes include: flocculation; filtration; chlorination; ozonation; ultraviolet light; and distillation, each of which has its shortcomings. Scio Diamond’s CVD diamond will provide a better and more efficient alternative process to existing water purification processes. Scio Diamond has also acquired several patent applications filed by Apollo in the area of electrochemical water purification using single-crystal diamond electrodes.

In addition to quantum computing and high voltage power switching, it is expected that further development and testing in this application will be one of the initial foci of a collaboration presently being negotiated with a potential strategic partner.


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