April 26, 2015

Diamond Bio Electronics

The potential uses of diamond in the life sciences are vast, and in many cases, are just now being realized. Until now the use of diamond in life science applications was cost-prohibitive. CVD Diamond Technology removes that obstacle and offers an array of potential life science uses for diamond. Indeed, diamond is a key material in developing biotechnology.

Because of diamond’s unique properties as a bio-compatible material, with a better understanding of diamond’s quantum effects and a convergence of mass production and semiconductor-like fabrication processes, diamond now promises to be a unique and powerful key to bio-electronic devices envisioned for the new era of medical science. Diamond could become the platform of choice for bio-electronics with the combination of robust in-the-body diamond based sensors coupled with smart bio-functionalized diamond.

Scio’s CVD Diamond Technology has recently been utilized in product testing for the medical, healthcare, biotechnology and nano-medicine markets. Scio Diamond expects that its diamonds will play a role in these markets in at least three respects:

  • Further enhanced development of pure single-crystal diamond materials for use in a number of key medical device and biotechnology applications
  • Providing a manufacturing supply of diamond material for use in life sciences
  • Developing and deploying life sciences applications and devices that make best use of the diamond

Scio’s growth of high quality, single crystal diamonds has allowed Harvard’s physics and life sciences groups to think beyond the limitations of natural diamond to envision, how diamond may be used in advanced applications ranging from quantum computing, to power generation and molecular imaging, and eventually even diamond nano-bots. This generation of diamond-based bio-electronic devices could usher in a fundamental revolution for medical science, leading to vastly improved patient diagnosis, decrease of drug development costs and risks, and improved effectiveness of drug delivery and gene therapy.


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