March 27, 2015

Quantum Communications and Computing

Scio Diamond’s precursor company received the Berman Award from the U.S. Department of the Navy for breakthroughs made in diamond-based quantum computing research and application. CVD Technology enables tailoring of a diamond’s properties to meet the needs of specific advance applications. Quantum computing and communications requires precise control of specific factors made possible with CVD technology enabling development of ultra-secure communications systems and ultra-powerful quantum computers.

Harvard University has utilized the CVD Technology for testing of diamond-based applications, including quantum computing and in-vivo biosensors. In 2009, Harvard utilized Scio’s CVD diamond materials to create a diamond-based nanowire device, offering a bright, stable source of room temperature photons which is essential to the practicality of fast and secure computing with light. Upon publication of the findings, one of the scientists stated:

“We consider this an important step and enabling technology towards more practical optical systems based on this exciting material platform. Starting with these lab-grown,  nanostructured diamond samples, we can start dreaming about the diamond-based devices and systems that could one day lead to applications in quantum science and technology as well as in sensing and imaging.”



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